• Goong Ob Woonsen | Photo by: Debra Thornton

Served with steamed rice. Substitute brown rice or black rice for additional charge.
* Indicates spicy.

76. Kaw Na Ped
Sliced Thai BBQ duck on rice, topped with steamed broccoli, gravy, and cilantro. Served with cucumber salad and sweet & spicy soy sauce.

77. Pahd Korat*
Choice of meat or tofu stir-fried with jalapeno, basil, kaffir lime leaves and grachai (Thai herb) in coconut and chili sauce.

78. Ped Ga Prow*
Sliced Thai BBQ duck stir-fried with mushrooms, jalapeno, garlic, onion, and chili sauce. Topped with deep-fried basil.

79. Goong Ob Woonsen
Silver noodles, shrimp, ginger, onion celery, and bacon with house special black peppered oyster sauce. Steamed in hot clay pot.